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Nursing Director Gave Life To Health Care Early

Posted on Friday, April 11th, 2014

Marie Ross, RN, Director of Nursing
Sent to town to bring a doctor to the bedside of her asthmatic mother, 10-year-old Marie Cross (Ross) determined then and there to give her life to health care.
“I watched my mother struggle with illness, and I wanted to bring relief to anyone who suffered,” she said.
After graduating from Marietta High, she followed her three brothers, in 1969, into the U.S. Navy, where she trained and served as a Hospital Corps Wave (HN3).
In 1973, she married Bill Ross and, four days later, started nursing school at what is now North Texas State College in Gainesville.
Ross joined the hospital in 1976 and soon made history, along with Kaylene Jeong, as the first female EMT team for the ambulance service.
From 1985 to 1994, she was Dr. J.T. O’Connor’s clinic nurse. She then took an RN position on the hospital’s nursing floor and currently serves as Director of Nursing.
The department’s 28 RNs, LPNs and CNAs find self-satisfaction in their individual contributions to patient care. Turnover is low.
They have nurtured a “family atmosphere,” taking turns covering one another’s shift when someone requires time away for college studies or personal obligations. They receive encouragement to pursue higher-level nursing degrees and licensure.
“I am very confident in all our nurses. They tend to the patients and serve the patients’ families in all the ways they can. Every problem is handled with respect, and our doors are always open to accommodate peoples’ needs. I like the Christ-centered ministry here. We recognize the power of prayer.”