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Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Coverage

In 2005, anticipating the 2006 roll-out of the new Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage for Medicare beneficiaries, Mercy Health/Love County Hospital and Clinic organized the Marietta Medicare Coalition. The coalition consists of the hospital/clinic, Love County Health Department, Love County office of the Department of Human Services, and Love County’s only drug store, Marietta Pharmacy. The purpose of the coalition is to provide assistance to Love County seniors and other persons eligible for Medicare Part D. The members help those seeking assistance at any of the coalition agencies to select a Medicare Part D plan. They also help low-income participants apply for the “extra-help” subsidy that lowers their cost for prescriptions substantially. The coalition also includes a volunteer enroller who is trained and certified by the state insurance department.

If you or a family member need assistance enrolling in Medicare Part D or reviewing your plan choice each fall during open enrollment, contact any of the agencies that are members of the Marietta Medicare Coalition.