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New COVID Vaccines-- Where To Find Them

Posted on Monday, October 30th, 2023

New  COVID vaccines are available. These updated vaccines are for everyone six months and older. They are available in a limited way in Marietta and widely in Ardmore and Gainesville.

The vaccines target XBB.1.5, a subvariant of Omicron that dominated the U.S. and the world during the COVID-19 pandemic from 2021 until earlier this year. They also work against currently circulating variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, including BA.2.86, a new subvariant.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) approved the updated vaccines by Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna in mid-september, and in early October they also authorized an updated Novavax vaccine (for ages 12 and older only).

Infectious disease specialists remind people that COVID can still lead to hospitalization and death. “Infections can have long-term consequences,” said one, adding that even healthy people can develop long COVID – a condition in which symptoms are present four or more weeks after an initial infection.

The vaccine can be costly this time around, with no public health emergency going on. Cash prices quoted from area pharmacies were as high as $236.

But most people can still get a COVID vaccine for free. For people with health insurance, most plans will cover COVID vaccine at no cost to the individual.

People who don’t have health insurance or have health plans that do not cover the cost can get a free vaccine from their local health department; tribal health department; and pharmacies participating in the CDC’s Bridge Access Program.

A check of the website,, reveals who is offering the new COVID vaccines. The website is continuously updated and has a reservations module to allow users to schedule a vaccination appointment at the site they select.

Marietta Discount Pharmacy and Mercy Health Love County Hospital are not currently offering COVID vaccines, spokespersons there confirmed.

The local Love County Health Department emphasized they are giving the COVID shot only to the uninsured or underinsured of any age and to children (6 months through age 18) enrolled in Medicaid (Soonercare), Alaskan Native, or Native American.

A call-around confirmed the listings and more.  Still, it is advisable to call the site to make sure of the ages they serve and the vaccine brand they have on hand.

If Uninsured of Any Age or Child in Soonercare, Schedule a COVID Vaccine Here:
            Love County Health Department
            200 C.E. Colston Dr.
            (580) 276-2531

            Carter County Health Department
            405 S. Washington
            (580) 223-9705

If Insured, Schedule a COVID Vaccine Here:

            Homeland Pharmacy
            205 N. Commerce St.
            Ardmore OK 73401

            Walgreens Co.
            1111 N. Commerce St.
            Ardmore, OK 73401
            (580) 226-6978

            Walmart, Inc. Pharmacy
            1715 N. Commerce St.
            Ardmore, OK 73401
            (580) 226-6444

            CVS Pharmacy, Inc.
            1220 N. Commerce St.
            Ardmore, OK 73401
            (580) 223-1041

            CVS Pharmacy, Inc.
            1520 Grand Ave.
            Gainesville, TX 76240
            (940) 665-0314

            Walmart, Inc. Pharmacy
            1800 Lawrence St.
            Gainesville, TX 76240
            (940) 665-2839


The new COVID vaccines are not considered a booster because the FDA says they anticipate needing to provide updated formulas annually, similar to the flu shot, which changes each year.

The CDC considers it safe to get a COVID shot and annual flu vaccine simultaneously.

The Federal government is once again providing free, at-home COVID tests. The tests can help people know if they have COVID-19 when they have symptoms, have been exposed, or are about to meet up with others.

Order free at-home COVID tests at