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Ambulances Have New Cardiac and Bone Stabilization Gear

Posted on Friday, November 15th, 2019

Natasha West, Paramedic and EMS Training Coordinator

Medics have been training recently on two new medical devices.

The Lucas 3 mechanical CPR device is going into ambulances. It performs critical, hands-free life-saving treatment during a cardiac arrest. This allows crew members to attend to other patient needs while the device administers CPR. The machine’s compressions over the sternum are perfect every time and it does not get tired.

“It’s like having an extra crew member in the ambulance,” said  EMS Training Center Coordinator Natasha West, Paramedic. The Lucas  3 is battery-operated and piston-driven.

Ambulance crews have an alternate CPR device already in use. The AutoPulse Resuscitation System also provides automated CPR to victims of sudden cardiac arrest. The AutoPulse squeezes the patient’s entire chest to improve blood flow to the heart and brain.

The other new device being demonstrated in the training center requires no batteries or electronics but is a marvelous pulley system.

The T-Pod Responder Pelvic Stabilization Device is a specialized pelvic belt designed to bring fractured pelvis bones together and keep them secure while transporting the patient to the emergency room.

Made of lightweight polyurethane about 12” wide and a few centimeters thick,  the fabric belt is wrapped around the patient’s lower abdomen. On top, the medic cuts or folds the cloth to leave an 6”-8” gap centered over the pelvic area.  The T-Pod pulley, a plastic closure...

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