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Original Hospital Nursing Staff, 1972, Remembered

Posted on Friday, March 21st, 2014

The hospital opened on January 7, 1972, with the following nursing staff: Nurse's aides Frances Grice, Leatrice Palmer, Catherine Rambo, Margaret Stewart, Dorothy Gaither, and Alma Low Thacker; Licensed Practical Nurses Martha Lehman, Clara Henderson, and Mary Harris; Registered Nurses Ethel Lafferty, Cheryl Ann Stewart, and Annetta Frank. Below are three valued members of our current staff: 

Denise Trivett, LPN
Was ready in 1992 to leave her long-
time job assembling tires at Michelin
and enter nursing school when hus-
band, Dwayne, died. Five years later,
with her daughters grown (both are
nurses), trained at SOTC for her
dream job. After several years in
private and nursing home care,
became hospital medications
nurse in 2006. Especially enjoys
helping older patients.

Rebekah Weger, CNA (left) For the past 6 years has provided person care,
such as bathing and walking patients, feeding patients, making beds,
assisting patients in and out of bed, and dressing and shaving patients.
CNAs help transmit patient information to RNs and LPNs. "I like the teamwork.
It's a family."

Twyla Throneberry, RN  (right) Is a charge nurse for the hospital wing and
ER. Has 22 years of experience, all on night shifts. Loves travel, and mid-
career, spent several years, accompanied by husband and youngest of their
five children, as a "travel nurse" for the Nightingale Agency, taking short-
term assignments at medical facilities from Vermont to California.