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Physical Therapy Arises For War Injuries

Posted on Friday, May 16th, 2014

World War I gave rise to the physical therapy profession. Specialists were needed to help wounded soldiers regain the use of injured limbs.
The ability to maintain an upright posture and to move our arms and legs to engage in tasks and activities is a key component of our health.
Physical therapists are experts at examining and treating joints, backs, and muscles. They often teach patients how to do exercises to gain strength and perform tasks without difficulty or pain.
Does your back hurt? Ask your doctor about a referral for physical therapy at the hospital's Therapy Building. 

Stephanie Lang, PTA. 
Knew she wanted to enter the profession
after watching a physical therapist train
her one-year old son, who had lagged
physically as a result of premature
birth, to sit up.
She graduated from Murray State
College's physical therapy
assistant program and began serving
the hospital in 2013.
"I've worked with patients from age
3 to 103 and wouldn't trade for the experience." 
Brenda Beard, PTA. 
Based at Mercy Health/Love County
since 2002, with hospital, nursing
home, and home health experience
adding up to 31 years as a physical
therapy assistant.
Is skilled at gaining  the trust of
patients to engage in the
rehabilitation and exercises 
required for full recovery.
Case in point: a recent knee-replacement
patient arrived stating he was
sorry he had undergone the
surgery, but declared after four
weeks of physical therapy
his regrets were gone.