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Customer Service Face to Face and Behind Scenes

Posted on Friday, June 6th, 2014

Customer service is happening both face to face and behind the scenes. Meet two valued coworkers of the hospital's business office.

Angela "Angie' Lange,
Charge Entry Specialst
For the past three years has been
verifying that the record of medical
services and supplies ("charges") used
in treating a hospital patient is complete
and correct before the hospital
requests reimbursement from Medicare,
Medicaid, insurance companies, or
the patient.

Involved is a review of the daily "charge
sheet" that the nursing, laboratory, x-ray,
and therapy departments fill out as
procedures are performed.

Lang designed separate charge sheets
for the typical illnesses and injuries treated
in the hospital and ER to make it easier
for practitioners to check off supplies and
services rendered.

"The patient's chart (what the physician
ordered) is the source of documentation
for charges. In busy times an item might be
left off the charge sheet or entered twice or
listed incorrectly for the medical complant. I
try to catch things befor the claim is filed and
She became grounded in medical techology
and procedures from more than 20 years as
a medical transcriptionist for the physicians
of the hospital and clinic, and she is a certified
"I came to work here at age 19. I've been here
all my life. This is my family. The hospital has
been so good to me."
Leslea Denney, Customer
Service Specialist II
Hers has been the pleasant voice on
the telephone "switchboard" for the past
five years, answering calls without
delay and relaying them as necessary
to coworkers and departments of the
Between calls, she "multitasks:"
registering outpatients, taking
check and credit card payments,
securing insurance authorizations,
distributing mail, and editing billing
records for correct addresses.
She handles enrollment for MyMercy,
which allows hospital patients to pay
their bill and review their medical
records online.
On weekends, she works part-time
as patient registrar in the emergency
room. She had previous experience
as an EMS and law enforcement
dispatcher in northern Oklahoma and
now keeps her hand in emergency
work on a volunteer basis.
"I install Lifeline medical alert
technology in the homes of patients.
It detects if they have fallen and
calls 911."
She also serves as secretary of the
Love County Fire Association and
Love County Search and Rescue and
is in training as a First Responder.