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Stephens Purchases Hospital Supplies, Equipment

Posted on Friday, July 11th, 2014

Sally Stephens, Supervisor,
Materials Management
For 20 years has been buying and
managing all materials Mercy Health/
Love County uses, except furniture and
large medical equipment. She joined
the hospital in 1981 and was trained
in physical therapy. Stephens provided
patient care for more than 10 years
before moving to her current position.
"I like the fulfillment of working for the
community and being of service to
This department is responsible for buying and managing health care supplies and equipment. Sally Stephens, supervisor, orders for the hospital, clinic, ambulance, and adult day center. 
She stocks manageable quantities of patient care supplies, such as gauze, dressings, bandages, sutures, IV set ups, orthopedic braces, slings, crutches, catheters, bed pans, gloves, intubation supplies, needles, and tubes.
“We don’t keep much in storage. I order daily to meet special patient needs and several times per week on regular items.”
Her purchasing extends to cleaning and office supplies, dietary foods, and maintenance items. “I even supply the bags for the food pantry.”
Most orders are fulfilled through Mercy Hospital, Ardmore.
Our valued management agreement with Mercy Health System since 1998 allows the hospital to band together with other health care facilities on the bulk purchase of supplies and equipment.