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EMS Has Most Paramedics in Rural Oklahoma

Posted on Friday, September 26th, 2014


Emergency Medical Service/Fire Brigade


The hospital operates Love County EMS/Fire Brigade under Tad Hall, PA, emergency room manager.  The service provides ambulance and fire response within Love County and, by contractual arrangement with the Chickasaw Nation, to WinStar Casino near Thackerville.


As a result, Love County has more Paramedics rendering emergency care and transport than any other rural county in Oklahoma. In addition, the Fire Brigade provides primary fire protection for WinStar Casino and backup fire response in southern Love County. All brigade firefighters are Paramedics or EMTs (emergency medical technicians) with additional firefighter training and certifications.

Brad Hart, Paramedic


With EMS ambulance since 2010 and
a Paramedic since 2013.

In November, he will train
for a critical care certificate,
adding to his cardiac and
resuscitation skills for aiding
at the scene and in the emergency room.
His previous experience includes
three years as a first aid
attendant at WinStar Casino
and one year as a CNA
at the hospital. He graduated
from Turner High School in

John Gilliam, Paramedic


Has been providing emergency
care to the sick and injured
and helping in the emergency room for
21 years – tops in Love County EMS.

Skilled at patient assessment, rescue
breathing, and intravenous therapy,

Gilliam has served as the department’s
training officer. He was a combat medic
in the U.S. Army from 1989-1993.

Chase Weger, Firefighter/Paramedic


One of the first coworkers hired when the
Fire Brigade was started in 2008,
Weger responds to fire and medical calls
at WinStar Casino and southern
Love County. He earned his Paramedic
certification in 2010. Prior to joining
the department, Weger graduated from
firefighter/EMT school at Grayson College
and attended Southeastern Oklahoma State
University. He also serves on the

volunteer fire department of his hometown
of Colbert.