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Public Board Governs EMS/Fire Brigade

Posted on Friday, October 24th, 2014

Emergency Medical Service/Fire Brigade


The hospital manages the day-to-day operation of the Emergency Medical Service/Fire Brigade on behalf of the Love County EMS Board of Control. A formal document, the “inter-local agreement,” sets forth these responsibilities, and hospital management reports quarterly to the EMS Board in their public meeting. Membership on the EMS Board consists of Marty Grisham, chair, Marcella Kirk, Jesse Kirk, Lawrence Anderson, and Dr. Stephen Hutchins. All members are citizens of the county and were appointed by the Love County Commissioners.

Rebecca Dunaway, EMT


A stint as a first responder for
her hometown volunteer fire
department of Orr diverted her
from x-ray technician studies
at Southeastern Oklahoma State
University to a career in emergency
service. Dunaway has served on
the ambulance at Station 2 since 2013,
following five years as a first aid attendant
at WinStar Casino.


Ben Grace



“No two calls are the same,”
says Grace, a
at Station 2, WinStar Casino, since
2010. A native of Colbert,
he acquired firefighter/EMT
certification at Grayson County
College in 2008-2009 and graduated
from Love County EMS Paramedic
training in 2014.

Chance Weger,


This dually certified firefighter and Paramedic
also is a Crew Leader. A Crew Leader leads

his shift in daily activities and assists the
Captain in directing emergency response
and scene management. Weger joined
Love County EMS in 2008
as part of the original crew of Station 2.