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Emergency Vehicles Modern & Maintained

Posted on Thursday, December 11th, 2014

Emergency Medical Service/Fire Brigade

Love County EMS/Fire Brigade vehicles are modern, well-equipped, and kept in good repair. They include:


4 primary ambulances, each a 2010 or newer model;2 backup ambulances, each a 2008 model;
2 reserve ambulances, each a 2002 model.

Fire Trucks

1 75-foot ladder truck, a 1992 model refurbished in 2008;
1 pumper/engine truck, a 1995 model refurbished in 2008;
1 brush truck, refurbished in 2008.

Various Utility Vehicles

View pictures of the fleet at

David Vincent
David Vincent, Paramedic

This experienced Paramedic joined the ambulance crewof Station 2, WinStar Casino, in March after seven years of EMS experience in Texas.

His career choice was influenced by his mother, a nurse, and his uncle, a firefighter. But Vincent prefers emergency medical response in the field. "I wanted to be able to help people on the medical side but not inside the hospital. Ambulance calls make you think on your toes."

Ryan Weger
Ryan Weger, Paramedic

Weger joined Station 2, WinStar Casino in 2008, and is first out on the ambulance. “I like the hours, helping people, and the adrenaline rush of going to an emergency.”

The many medical calls in the area have sharpened his Paramedic skills for administering intubation, intravenous medicines, and other life-saving procedures. With experience at quick action, “time has slowed down.” He serves on the volunteer fire department of his hometown of Bells, TX.