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EMTs at Casino Summon Ambulances

Posted on Thursday, December 18th, 2014


Emergency Medical Service/Fire Brigade

Under  contractual arrangement, Love County EMS/Fire Brigade employs First Aid Attendants inside WinStar Casino and Riverwind Casino. Twenty-four hours a day, they are first on the scene at medical events involving the many thousands of casino patrons or employees. Ahead of responding ambulances, they apply oxygen, check vital signs, and make patient assessments. Below, meet three of our valued First Aid Attendants at WinStar Casino.


Matthew Colwell, EMT, First Aid Attendant,
WinStar Casino

"I'm loving it. I've been wanting to get into
this field," says the department's newest
First Aid Attendant. His previous experience
was in security and casino surveillance. He
became a certified EMT in 2013 and plans to
enroll in the Love County EMS Paramedic


Chloe Hill, EMT, First Aid Attendant,
WinStar Casino

Working nights suits this certified EMT, who
is getting "lots of experience" for her daytime
pursuit as a Paramedic studies student at
North Central Texas College. She enjoys the
pleasant people who visit the casino and treating
employees for minor burns or cuts from kitchen
or machine repair work.


Lenzie Bryant, EMT, First Aid Attendant,
WinStar Casino

Here are some comments Bryant has heard
from patients during her three years on the
job: "You made me feel safe." "Thanks for
taking care of me." "You saved my life."
In her own words, the EMT says, "Showing
compassion is so important. It goes farther
than medicine." Off duty, she is a nursing
student at North Central Texas College.