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Meet 2 More First Aid Attendants at Riverwind Casino

Posted on Friday, January 30th, 2015

Emergency Medical Service and Fire Brigade

First Aid Attendants are supplied with bandages, splints, blood pressure cuffs, testing equipment for diabetics, heart defibrillation kits, oxygen administration kits, and more. They take vital signs, ask about possible contagion exposure, and learn the patient's medications and allergies. They provide first aid or summon an ambulance, as needed. Below, meet two of our valued First Aid Attendants at Riverwind Casino.

Buddy Cooper, First Aid Attendant,
Riverwind Casino

Cooper joined the department in 2014 with combat
life saving training from the U.S. Army. He enlisted
10 years ago out of Tuttle High School and is now a
National Guard sergeant with two tours of duty in Iraq.
He is a student in pre-allied health care at Oklahoma
City Community College, preparing to enter the OU
sports medicine and kinesiology program.

Taleah McClellan, EMT,
First Aid Attendant,

Riverwind Casino

She has worked in the medical field since age 18, with prior
experience in emergency rooms, nursing homes, assisted
living centers, and home health care. "I was a hospital
volunteer at age 14. I'm good at medicine, and I like what
I do." McClellan was among the original crew of First Aid
Attendants at Riverwind Casino in 2006. Over the years,
heart attack patients have returned to thank her for launching
life-saving care on their behalf.