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Adult Day Center Adds to Health of Homebound

Posted on Friday, March 20th, 2015

Mercy Love County Adult Day Center
and Family Services

The center, one block south of the hospital, offers non-residential day services. That means that participants are still living at home.

They utilize the center on weekdays to leave their house for a few hours for recreation, hobbies, socializing, and meals.

ADC's Registered Nurse Paulette Manning explains, "It's stimulating and energizing and good for your health to come here and be around other people."

The concept is called "aging-in-place," or helping people who can no longer manage independently or are isolated or lonely to enhance and extend their quality of life at home. Family caregivers get a break, as well.

Transportation to the day center is available for residents of Love County, Marshall County, and Carter County. Call ADC at 276-1542.

Chandlyr Burton

"I love it here," says Burton, who has
a passion for nursing assistance and
prior experience in home health and nursing
home care.

"There's more one-on-one, quality
time here, and I like to do what I can
to make each participant's day
enjoyable," That includes giving manicures,
an activity Burton introduced upon
joining the center in June 2014.

She is also certified in medical assistance,
medication administration, and phlebotomy
(taking blood).

In her downtime, Burton rodeos and barrel

Glenda Brown
Business Office Coordinator

Brown brought 20 years of office
coordination experience in the mental
health and social services arena to help
the hospital launch ADC in January 2014.

"The first year was a start up, but we've
grown. People are coming out to tour, have
lunch with us, and see all the possibilities
for spending time here as they see fit.
They see this is not a nursing hme and not
a confining place."

Brown assists in the application process,
handles billing and financial aid, oversees
the food and support services, and answers
peoples' concerns. She holds a bachelor's
degree in human resources counseling with a
minor in psychology.

Early in her career, Brown worked as a nursing
home CNA, and she cared for her mother,
who had Alzheimer's disease.