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Next Hospital Board Meeting Agenda

Meeting of the Mercy Health Love County Board of Control will be held Thursday, January 24, 2019, at 6:00 p.m. in the Rural Health Clinic Conference Room.

    • Plant and Grounds Committee: Building and Grounds Committee continues with review of security initiatives. The committee is also reviewing winter service programs of the grounds and acquisition of new property.
    • Executive Committee: Ratify and affirm Executive Committee's approval of the 2019 Board of Control meeting dates. Ratify and affirm the Executive Committee's appointments to Medical Staff.
    • Joint Conference Committee: Nothng to report.
    • Budget Committee: Review of operational statistics to date with a comparative analysis to prior fiscal year. A review of cost allocations over the next two year period will continue as an initiative to cover MTS services. Track budgetary measures for FYE June 30, 2019.
    • Financial Committee: Review of operational profit and loss by department with a comparative analysis to prior fiscal year. The finance committee finalized all budget items for FYE 2019.
    • Staff Reports: Safety Committee, Infection Control Committee, Quality Committee, and Utilization Review Committee.
  6. Medical Staff: Review of all committee reports and actions/discussions related to any quality or safety concern(s) and policies and procedures. Board approval of credentialing approved by the Medical Staff at the last regularly schedued meeting. Chief of Staff comments on any quality, safety, or Infection Control measures/concerns.
  7. Administrative Report: The RHC staff continues to manage the implementation of Epic and streamline billing and accounts receivable. Enterprise reporting standards are improving. A recent unannounced facility survey was conducted by the Oklahoma State Department of Health Four surveyors conducted a three day survey beginning January 15 and ending January 17, 2019. We will receive a comprehensive Plan of Corrective Action document within 10-14 days outlining their findings, recommendations, and/or a Condition of Participation, if one exists. We are not sure what the level of findings will be, but are confidenct all findings have been corrected, or will be corrected within ten days of receipt of their document. This was the first survey in seven years, so we are apreciative of the survey and the learning curve presented. We did not inform Mercy Oklahma of the survey, and we will be conducting two teaching events for Arbuckle Community Hospital and Mercy Healdton Hospital this week. We are also awaiting the signing of a settlement document with the sellers of the Memorial Road property and shoud have a decision on this purchase at time of board.
  8. New Business: Declare Komatsu Forklift and Haulette/Biljax trailer mounted boom surplus: to be used as trade in on new capital equipment. Declare Ipad previously issued to Clance Hallum, surplus. Johnston and Bryant will present the 2018 Audit Report to the Board. Discussion and take appropriate action. Mercy Oklahoma will be providing a Board retreat in April. A handout is being made available to the Board.
  9. Unfinished Business:
  10. Old Business: Declare disposed clinic inventory as surplus.
  11. Unforeseen Business:
  12. Approval of Claims:
  13. Adjournment