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Next Hospital Board Meeting Agenda


Meeting of the Mercy Health Love County Board of Control will be held Thursday, May 24, 2018, at 6:00 p.m. in the Rural Health Clinic Conference Room.

    • Plant and Grounds Committee: Building and Grounds Committee has completed the Stanley system and Infosys program in an effort to implement an ID badge/lock system on select areas of the hospital. The review includes all outside entries and secure storage areas. The committee reviewed the final summary of risks and vulnerabilities to data systems. Review status of advertisement on property held for the use of Love County Health Center and consider/take action on terminating any lease arrangements that would preclude the center from utilizing the existing I-35 corridor for its own avertising purposes.
    • Executive Committee: Discussion related to the implementation of Epic software systems in the Rural Health Clinic. Provision to bring additional specialists to the facility will be enhanced by providing Epic. Ratify and affirm Executive Committee Meeting held on May 1, 2018.
    • Joint Conference Committee: Status report on census data related to influenza and state-wide statistics to date.
    • Budget Committee: Review of operational statistics to date with a comparative analysis to prior fiscal year. Review of financial challenges related to the continuation of sequestration and receiving less than 101% of reasonable cost to fund operations. Review of cost allocations over the next two year period in an effort to provide MTS services.
    • Financial Committee: Review of operational profit and loss by department with a comparative analysis to prior fiscal year. 
    • Staff Reports: Safety Committee, Infection Control Committee, Quality Committee, and Utilization Review Committee.
  6. Medical Staff: Review of all committee reports and actions/discussions related to any quality or safety concern(s) and policies and procedures. 
  7. Administrative Report: Final work being completed to convert to Epic within the Rural Health Clinic. The facility is working through weekly "touch base" calls to ensure that all implementation standards are being met. This action will provide us with the ability to bring additional specialists to the area. Review of external lockdown procedures complete and ID badged locks are in their final form of implementation. Final elements of work plan completed for security of all electronic health information systems. The final report is being generated concerning the recent community health needs assessment and this data will be shared with the Oklahoma State Department of Health in their efforts to support each community.
  8. New Business:Discuss certification of the Grower's Market building as a Red Cross site after implementation of emergency power capabilities.
  9. Unfinished Business:
  10. Old Business: None
  11. Unforeseen Business:
  12. Approval of Claims:
  13. Adjournment