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Next Hospital Board Meeting Agenda


 Meeting of the Mercy Health Love County Board of Control will be held Thursday, January 26, 2018, at 6:00 p.m. in the Rural Health Clinic Conference Room.

    • Plant and Grounds Committee: Building and Grounds Committee reviewed work developed to improve the condition of the parking lots. The work included cut-out of areas in need of repair, resurfacing with hot oil and striping designated parking areas. The work was performed on a weekend to prevent a problem with congestion and failure to complete the work. No safety issues were identified.
    • Executive Committee: Ratify and affirm 2018 meeting dates. Ratify and affirm Rays Physician appointments previously approved by the Medical Staff and Executive Committee.
    • Joint Conference Committee: Status report on number of influenza vaccinations currently available and immunization progress to date.
    • Budget Committee: Review of operational statistics to date with a comparative analysis to prior fiscal year. Review of financial challenges related to the continuation of sequestration and receiving less than 101% of reasonable cost to fund operations. 
    • Financial Committee: Review of operational profit and loss by department with a comparative analysis to prior fiscal year. Presentation of FY 2017 audit by Johnston and Bryant Accounting Firm. Discussion/take appropriate action.
    • Staff Reports: Safety Committee, Infection Control Committee, Quality Committee, and Utilization Review Committee.
  6. Medical Staff: Review of all committee reports and actions/discussions related to any quality or safety concern(s). 
  7. Administrative Report: Engagement of Navigant to complete a security analysis of all electronic systems within the hospital. Develop a management plan (recommendations) related to the review. Discuss the near completion of a new cabling and internal electronic files room by Infosys. Discuss the timeline for completion of new computers, screens, and printers based on an agreement with Mercy MTS after completion of cabling. Removal of copper and the implementation of fiber lines in the RHC to accommodate faster electronic service. Compliance 360 report concerning two coworkers. Ardmore and OKC diversion of patient due to flu.
  8. New Business:None
  9. Unfinished Business:
  10. Old Business: None
  11. Unforeseen Business:
  12. Approval of Claims:
  13. Adjournment